Top 20 Accredited Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs 2022/23

Choosing the right accredited online bachelor’s degree program can be difficult.

There are many factors to consider, such as accreditation, affordability, and curriculum. But don’t worry  we’re here to help.

Here are our picks for the 

Top 20 accredited online bachelor’s degree programs for 2022-23:


  1. Northeastern University BS in Computer Science


  1. University of Florida – BS in Business Administration


  1. Southern New Hampshire University – BS in Business Administration


  1. The George Washington University BS in Psychology


  1. Western Governors University – BS in Nursing


  1. Pennsylvania State University – BS in Information Sciences and Technology 


  1. Kaplan University – BS in Criminal Justice 


  1. Colorado State University-Global Campus – BS in Business Administration   


  1. Champlain College Online – BA/BS in Liberal Arts  


10.University of Illinois–Chicago


  1. Medical University of South Carolina


  1. Arizona State University


  1. Oregon State University


  1. George Washington University


  1. CUNY School of Professional Studies


  1. Loyola University Chicago


17 Loyola University Chicago


  1. University of Massachusetts Amherst


20 Washington State University

The benefits of earning an online bachelor’s degree

The benefits of earning an online bachelor’s degree are immense. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that you can earn your degree from anywhere in the world. 

Online programs are also typically more affordable than traditional on-campus programs. 

Additionally, online programs often allow students to work at their own pace, which can be a great advantage for students with busy lives. 

Finally, earning an online bachelor’s degree can help open up new career opportunities.

How to choose the best online program for you

When looking for an online bachelor s degree program, it is important to consider the accreditation of the school and program. 

  • Only accredited schools and programs are recognized by the government and employers. 

So, it is important to do your research to find an accredited program that fits your needs.

Once you have narrowed down your search to accredited programs, you need to consider the cost, location, and curriculum of the programs. 

Each person’s situation is different, so make a list of what is most important to you and compare programs accordingly.

The best way to decide which program is best for you is to speak with an admissions counselor from each school and ask questions about the curriculum, faculty, campus life, and job placement rates. 

This will help you make an informed decision about which program is right for you.


Are Online bachelor’s degree worth anything?

This is a question that has been asked for years, and the answer is still not clear. 

There are many pros and cons to getting an online degree, and it really depends on the person’s situation and needs.

On one hand, online degrees can be a great way to get a quality education without having to leave home. 

They are also more affordable than traditional colleges, and there are many programs available. 

However, some employers may not recognize an online degree as being equal to a traditional degree from a brick-and-mortar school.

So, are online bachelor’s degrees worth anything? The answer is still up in the air, but they can be a great option for many people. It all depends on the individual’s needs and goals.

Are online ba a bachelor’s degrees respected

There is a perception that online bachelor’s degrees are not respected as much as traditional, on-campus degrees. However, this is not always the case. 

A growing number of employers are beginning to respect and even prefer online degrees, especially if they are from well-known and accredited universities.

One reason for this may be that employers know that online degrees require just as much work and commitment as traditional degrees. 

In fact, many employers believe that online students often have an edge over those who attend traditional schools, because they have had to be self-motivated and disciplined in order to succeed in an online learning environment.

So if you are thinking about getting a bachelor’s degree online, don’t let the perception of less respect stop you. 

There are many reputable institutions that offer excellent online programs, and more and more employers are recognizing the value of these degrees.


In the coming years, online education will continue to grow in popularity. According to a recent study, the number of accredited online bachelor’s degree programs is expected to reach 2023. 

This growth can be attributed to several factors, including the flexibility and convenience of online learning, as well as the increasing demand for higher education.

Online education offers students many advantages over traditional brick-and-mortar schools. 

For one thing, online students have more flexibility when it comes to scheduling their courses. 

They can also access course materials from anywhere in the world, making it possible to study while traveling or working. 

Additionally, online learning is often more affordable than traditional schooling.

The quality of online education has also improved in recent years. Many top colleges and universities now offer fully accredited online degree programs.


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