Link To Apply for Ekiti State Digital Skills Academy (EDSA) 2022

Open call for applications – Ekiti State Digital Skills. This time with the support of Meta. This is another round of digital skills training, looking to help build a talent pool along four tracks. If you’re in Ekiti, or you know someone in Ekiti who can benefit, please apply.



The Ekiti State Digital Skills Academy (EDSA) is an initiative designed to provide youths in Ekiti state with the technology and soft skills competence needed to access local and global job market opportunities. Impact outcomes for the initiative include a reduction of unemployment amongst the youth population and an increase in economic inflow for Ekiti state.

The Ekiti State Digital Skills Eligibility

The Digital Skills Programme is open to:

  • Youths between the ages of 16-35 years who currently reside in Ekiti State.
  • Applicants must have basic digital literacy.

What Are The Available Skills To Learn?

There are four different learning tracks available to learn from:

Backend Development

Backend software development is the branch of software development that creates the code that allows a database and an application to communicate with one another. Backend development is responsible for the upkeep of a website’s backend, which includes databases, servers, and apps, and this controls what you don’t see.

Product Design

Product design is a process of creating user-friendly solutions using various design tools. In this track, beneficiaries will learn about the basics of product designs, the various various design tools we can use, and all it entails.

Product Management

Product Management is the glue that holds product design, tech, and business together. Beneficiaries would learn how to navigate through product management as wide as it seems.

Frontend Development

Frontend software development refers to the outward-facing component of the software. It speaks to the structure, the look and feel that is experienced by the user of such software. Languages that are used in software include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular, etc


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How To Apply

Interested applicants should visit the State Digital Skills online application portal to apply.

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