How To Apply: Pioneer Academics Scholarship programme In USA

Open Call for Applications –Pioneer Academics Scholarship programme in US. The Pioneer Academics is committed to driving and empowering students to pursue their intellectual interests.


Though Pioneer is a highly selective online research institute focused on high-achieving high school students, we believe that students of all ages should have the resources to chase their academic passion.


Applicants should respond to one of the following three prompts to apply for the scholarship:

  • Prompt 1: If you feel inspired by one of the research topics you read on Pioneer Academics’ website, write an essay of 350-500 words articulating your comment on the research paper and why you found it to be inspiring.
  • Prompt 2: If you have a subject or an issue you care about significantly, write a proposal of 450 words on how you plan to pursue your interest.
  • Prompt 3: If you are interested in interning with Pioneer Academics, write an essay of 300 words explaining what internship you want to pursue and what contribution you intend to make. (The scholarship winner of this category will get the scholarship plus a paid internship with Pioneer Academics.)


Any student currently enrolled at an accredited two- or four-year American university or college is eligible to apply, regardless of major or area of study. Students who have had minimal research experience will be prioritized.
Application Deadline – January 3, 2022

Academics Scholarship programme Application Process:

Interested applicants should fill out the application form Here and submit the following with your application:

  • Your essay addressing one of the prompts above.
  • Your resume.
  • A letter of recommendation.
  • Your school transcript.
  • You can also include a creative supplement that best reflects your personality, commitment, and interest in the scholarship. This can be in the form of a poem, social media post, painting, cartoon, video, etc.


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