How To Solved/Download Npower PPA Letter |

This post will help all Batch c1 shortlisted applicants to download Npower PPA Letter and successfully upload their Acceptance Letter. according to Npower, all beneficiaries are to resume with the first 3days of posting.

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How To Solved/Download Npower PPA Letter

Having problem downloading the N-Power deployment letter? First, try the download with a laptop and keep on pressing download document till it download. OR follow the steps below:

  • Download brave browser,
  • Login to the portal,
  • Change your overview from the Option Menu to ‘Desktop site’,
  • Continue clicking on the download button till you have a good result, that’s all. It worked for many and we believe it will also work for you.
  • But, if you cannot keep clicking on the download button, then download auto clicker from playstore and set the app to 2 secs interval. Move the cursor to the Download PPA button, and relax while it does the job for you.

Note you can try in the night hours if the network around your area is too busy.


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