Job Vacancy At E’sorae Luxury Brand [Sales Manager]

Job Vacancy At E’sorae Luxury Brand [Sales Manager]

E’Sorae Luxury, provide our clients with quality bedding that only gets better.

There strategy includes discovering new techniques to serve better sleep. Our customers are happy because of the quality of service we deliver is only first-class! And the value they get comes not just from our deliverables but also the luxury and comfort it takes from their selection of designs to the beautifully packaged gift at the doorstep! Every bedding item has spent a remarkable time being nurtured and packaged to deliver an exquisite performance and a night of good dreams.

E’Sorae Luxury is recruiting to fill the position

Job Title: Sales Manager

Job Title: Sales Manager

Job ID: SM56672

Location: Lagos-Island, Lagos

Job Type: Full Time

Company: Hospitality


One of the most important duties of a Sales Manager is to plan and organize market research.

  • He should establish a proper sales policy based on market research.
  • The sales manager has to advise the board of directors about the location and the layout of the sales office, opening or closure of branch offices, the sales policy to be adopted, and all other matters relating to the business of the firm.
  • He has to assist the firm in product planning by suggesting improvements in product design, style, size, attributes, etc.
  • He should forecast sales accurately or scientifically.
  • The sales manager has to prepare a sales budget.
  • He has to arrange for advertising, publicity, and sales promotion.
  • The sales manager has to arrange for careful selection and appointment of the salesmen.
  • He has to arrange for the training of the sales force.
  • He has to allocate the sales territories and fix sales quotas for salesmen.
  • He has to devise the best method of remunerating the salesmen and motivating them to give their best to the firm.
  • He must create a team of competitive and efficient salesmen through effective supervision and control.
  • A sales manager must make a careful study of the competitors, products, and sales policies and alter the products and the sales policies accordingly.
  • He has to decide about the proper channels of distribution.
  • He has to be in constant search of new and profitable markets.
  • He has to define clearly the line of authority flowing from him to the heads of the various departments of the sales organization and their respective staff.
  • The sales manager must delegate the necessary powers to the heads of various departments of the sales organization and co-ordinate their activities.
  • He must keep in touch with the dealers and customers and ensure their continued patronage.
  • He must maintain contacts with other departments of the firm, such as the production, purchase, R&D, etc.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or any relevant courses
  • Master’s in Business Management/ Marketing
  • Must have 7-10 years’ experience in retail sales
  • Must be an expert in Marketing.

Skills Required:


  • Formulating sales strategies requires sales managers to collect and interpret sales data.
  • The analysis involves information such as the number of products or services, gross revenues, and demographics of the purchasers.
  • For sales managers who interact with other businesses, demographics may include the size and industry of particular businesses.


  • The sales manager job description calls upon the professional to lead and direct sales staff.
  • As a result, mandatory leadership skills consist of conveying goals, evaluating the staff’s work, and suggesting improvements.


  • In addition to overseeing staff, sales managers deal with customers and clients. Persuasion skills help managers retain buyers who may have dissatisfaction with the quality or price of goods and services.
  • Dispute resolution also requires the ability to persuade, as sales managers may need to explain or clarify company policies on prices and other sales terms.

Customer Service:

  • In speaking or meeting with customers, sales managers must exhibit courtesy and patience.
  • Customer service includes grasping the needs and desires of customers to fashion appropriate solutions.


  • Sales managers must clearly convey advice and instructions to staff. Communication skills also include listening to customers, higher-level supervisors, and managers or staff from other departments, such as marketing and research and development.
  • Moreover, questioning helps a sales manager understand the information and points made by those with whom the manager deals.


 Highly competitive with other benefits.

Application Deadline

 30th November 2020.

APPLY HERE:  Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to in a copy of using the Job Title as the subject of the mail.

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