Lagos Toll Gate: We did not remove CCTV cameras

We have not received instructions “from anyone” to dismount the surveillance cameras The firm that manages the toll gate in Lagos said.

allegations all over the media that the CCTV cameras at the Lekki toll gate had been remove,  the company  Lekki Concession Company Limited (LCC) said that the street lights at the toll gate were off during the incident because of a power outage.

There were no staff to turn on the stand-by power generator as they had left in compliance with a round-the-clock curfew imposed by the state governor, it said.

It is unclear if the surveillance cameras were affected by the power outage.

The firm said it had not received instructions “from anyone” to dismount the surveillance cameras.

“Removing them will require the use of machinery to reach the heights that they have been installed and are still installed,” it said.

some persons/protesters clam that the cameras were removed so that the shooting would not be recorded.

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