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Islamic Studies for kids. The Hidayah Network is honored to render you unique services through their online Islmic school for kids where the kids will learn all about their religion, history, Quran and Hadith.

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The Hidayah Network tutors hired to teach Islamic studies for kids online are certified from the best-known institution in the Islamic world: Al Azhar University.

Our teachers of the online Islamic classes are chosen after several rounds of tough selection where they are assessed and interviewed thoroughly so that the best few can be selected to teach Islam for kids online.

The selected Native Arab instructors are fluent in English which makes them capable of teaching efficiently no matter which part of the world you belong to.

These highly competent teachers are experienced enough to make Islamic lessons for children more interesting and lovable.

They have devised innovative techniques and styles of teaching Islam for kids online, as they believe that old ways do not bring in lots of positive results.

Our online Islamic teachers are highly experienced in teaching young kids and they know very well how to engage them and develop their interests.

If you want a gender-specific online Islamic teacher for your kids, Hidayah Network got you covered with a wide range of male and female tutors that are keenly working to provide their professional expertise.

The Islamic studies for kids course:

The curriculum of our online Islamic classes for kids is basically designed to provide deep-rooted knowledge to the kids living in Non-Muslim countries. Our experts have made sure to cover all the aspects regarding Islam in Islamic studies for kids course.

What is Islam: The introduction to Islam is very essential for kids as they are naturally curious to know what are they learning and why.

There are 3 levels for this course:

Beginners- This includes Islamic studies for toddlers and kindergarten where the students will learn the basics.

Intermediates- The kids in this level already have the basic knowledge, therefore, they will learn Islamic lessons online that are comprehensive and slightly elaborated.

Advanced- The students at this level are taught through online tafseer classes with extensive knowledge and in-depth analysis of the course line given.


Your kids will be able to understand all aspects of their religion perfectly and simply will perform their Ibada in a correct way.

Application Process:

For more information visit the Islamic studies for kids portal.

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