N-power NEXIT: Things To Know About E-mail Verification/NEXIT Registration

N-power NEXIT Email verification commences

The NEXIT Portal is  for the transition of the exited Batch A and B N-power Beneficiaries into economic, empowerment and entrepreneurship opportunities presented by the Central Bank of Nigeria as the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development collaborates with the apex bank.


Here we are going to discus the important keys and how to go about your “N-power NEXIT Registration”.

  • The NEXIT Portal https://nexit-fmhds.cbn.gov.ng is genuine, never a Scam like some think. The sub-domain “next-fmhds” is directly connected to the almighty millions of Naira CBN website cbn.gov.ng. You can now imagine how secure it is for those so protective of personal identity such as BVN.
  • ‘Sign up’ The Sign-up enables verification of your identities to ensure your are a Batch A or B N-power Beneficiary before granting you access to the available opportunities.
  • It is clearer that your personal data in your NPVN profile is directly trans-loaded into the NEXIT portal and can only recognise your exact data which your input during “Sign-up”. Anything different will be seen as an error.
  • For easy Registration, log in to your NPVN Portal at npvn.npower.gov.ng. Check your ‘First Name’ and ‘Surname’ in the NPVN Portal and make sure to enter same in the NEXIT portal. Not even a letter should differ. Also, the e-mail address to be entered MUST be exactly the e-mail address in your NPVN Portal. The Password to enter into the NEXIT Portal can be anything you can recall easily.
  • For e-mail address case, please send an e-mail to  support@n-sip.gov.ng to lay your complaint. Retrieving your Gmail is easy, endavour to retrieve it if you forgot your password.
  • Note that if you have a differing data with your NPVN profile and NEXIT portal, an error pop up will continue to display, signalling what the exact error is.
  • We understand e-mail verification/Account Activation is not working properly. Do not worry, it will be fixed as it is a general issue.

Important Note: Activation of mail has limit. Do not continue to request for resending contact support before you can ever activate your account again. So, do not worry, e-mail verification/Account activation issue is affecting everyone and it’s being worked on.

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1 thought on “N-power NEXIT: Things To Know About E-mail Verification/NEXIT Registration

  1. The portal itself is erroneous.
    1. My email is valid and active but they keep telling me it’s not a valid email for a beneficiary. Meanwhile I can use the same email to log into my npvn portal.
    2. Most people use three names on npvn portal and BVN but the portal has only made provision for first name and surname. What about the people with a middle name?
    If this programme is really designed to accommodate every beneficiary, they should look into these salient issues.

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