NERC job 2022: See Full List Of Successful Applicants| PDF Download

If you’ve applied for the NERC job 2022, check your emails to see if you’ve qualified for the online aptitude test. the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission NERC has started inviting successfully shortlisted candidates, who applied for the 2022 NERC recruitment for an aptitude test.


All applicants who applied for the recruitment are to
check their application status via this link to see their application status and aptitude test date if successfully shortlisted.


NERC Recruitment Application Portal 2022 (50 positions)

Apply: External Audit Service At WATRA | NCC

Link To Apply for INEC ad-hoc staff Recruitment 2023 |

Link To Apply for National Essay Competition 2022 | UBA Group


How To Check NERC List of Shortlisted

Candidates should kindly follow the procedures
outlined below to check the list of Those

1. Applicants should kindly Login to NERC
recruitment portal

2. Input your Email Address and Application

3. Navigate to the Shortlisted Candidates Link.
4.Open the PDF Document.

5. Search for your name on the list.

Applicants who applied for the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) some time ago, should also check their email inbox and spam because they have shortlisted the successful applicants and have sent notification of the aptitude test schedule for them next week.

The NERC Past Questions and Answers for Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission Test.

1. In Nigeria the standard voltage and the frequency is ___ respectively

  • A. 230 V / 50 Hz
  • B. 302 V / 75
  • C. 420 V / 70
  • D. 530 V /50

Answer: 230 V / 50 Hz

2. One of this is not a source of electricity.

  • A. Sun
  • B. Wind
  • C. Water
  • D. Hydrogen

answer: Hydrogen

3. _____ is the rate of doing work?

  • A. Power
  • B. Energy
  • C. Strength
  • D. Fitness

Answer: Energy

4. PPM means?

  • A. Prepaid meter
  • B. Permanent meter
  • C. Power meter
  • D. Prefer meter

Answer: Prepaid meter

5) How much time in minutes will it take a car driving at 90 km/hr to travel 27 kilometers?

  • A. 3.3 minutes
  • B. 2430 minutes
  • C. 18 minutes
  • D. 0.3 minutes

6) What is the total capacity in gallons of a rectangular tank 5 meters in height knowing that it will hold 200 liters per foot?

  • A. 3281 gal
  • B. 1000 gal
  • C. 867 gal
  • D. 8670 gal

In the following question, a related pair of words or phrases is followed by five lettered pairs of words or phrases. Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.


  • A. tone: scale
  • B. sound: waves
  • C. verse: poem
  • D. dimension: space

8) Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word DIFFUSE:

  • A. concentrate
  • B. contend
  • C. imply
  • D pretend

For questions 9 to 15, select the correct answer:

9) I don’t know_____.

  • A. where is your pen
  • B. where is your pen is
  • C. where is the pen
  • D. where is the pen of yours

10. If you want to see him, ______.

  • A. please let me know
  • B. let me know, please
  • C. please let me know
  • D. let me please be known

11. ­­­­­_______, the little girl ran out of the yard.

  • A. Being afraid of the dog
  • B. The dog she is afraid of
  • C. The dog has been afraid of
  • D. Was being afraid of the dog

12. The manager_____ here at 4 p.m.

  • A.  is supposed to arrive
  • B. is supposed to arrive
  • C. will suppose to arrive
  • D. is supposed to arrive

13. Due to the devaluation, many people have become rich, but many others _______.

  • A. ruined
  • B. have been ruined
  • C. have ruined
  • D. would have ruined

14. The man has been hospitalized since yesterday ______.

  • A. because his serious wound
  • B. because of his serious wound
  • C. because of his seriously wound
  • D. because his wound seriously More on NERC aptitude test past questions and answers

15. Your suggestion, ______, is beneficial to both the company and the employees.

  • A. different than his
  • B. as well as he
  • C. as he is
  • D. like his

NERC job 2022.

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