Link To Apply for The People’s Accords Citizen Diplomat Society 2023 (Funded)

Nigerians may apply to join The People’s Accords Citizen Diplomat Society (Funded). Applications are now being accepted for the Nigerian Citizen Diplomats’ Spring 2023 Cohort. Via citizen diplomacy and sustainable development initiatives, the People’s Accords Citizen Diplomat Society works to advance world peace and understanding.

We are presently accepting applications from Nigerians who are interested in working as citizen diplomats to advance international harmony and cooperation while assisting local communities in sustainable development initiatives.

The application is for a 5-week program in which participants will take part in various initiatives to advance international harmony and understanding. Attending meetings and events, taking part in cultural exchanges, and working on sustainable development initiatives in localities all over the world are a few examples of these activities.


Access Bank Entry Level Training Programmes

African Union Commission Internship Program


Graduates of the program will be awarded an NFT (non-fungible token) as their membership pass, acknowledging their involvement in the initiative and their dedication to fostering international harmony. The opportunity to receive 260,000 Naira for a sustainable development project of their choice that satisfies one of our core areas of concentration will also be available to graduates. The People’s Accords Citizen Diplomat Society members will vote on the projects, and financing will go to the project that receives the most votes.

Through this initiative, Nigerian people have a one-of-a-kind chance to learn about citizen diplomacy, develop their talents in sustainable development, and positively influence communities around the globe.



Your name, address, and contact information will be requested on the application form. It will also inquire about your schooling, employment history, and any any relevant qualifications that would make you a strong candidate for the program. Also, a proposal for a sustainable development project that fits with our primary areas of concentration will be requested.

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Accords Citizen Diplomat Society

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