Link To Apply for TiE Women Global Pitch Competition 2023

TiE Women Global Pitch Competition. The TIE Women is committed to Embracing, Engaging, and Empowering female entrepreneurs worldwide. Regardless of the size of their businesses, their origins, their status, or their background, the program focuses on women entrepreneurs. The program culminates with one women-led firm from Oregon competing in a global pitch competition for cash prizes. It comprises of a series of local and international events.


The largest non-profit organization, TiE Global, has a remarkable networking impact. TiE links the whole entrepreneurship ecosystem, including thought leaders, venture capitalists, serial entrepreneurs, employees of top organizations, and early-stage and established entrepreneurs. The organization places a strong emphasis on the giving spirit in all facets of its operations.



  •  You are a female founded or co-founded startup
  •  A female founder or co-founder that owns at least 33% of the equity in the company
  • Your company has been in business for less than seven years (date of company registration no earlier than Jan. 1, 2016) at the time of application.


Application Deadline: June 15,2023

How To Apply: 

interested applicants should Kindly Visit the Website for other Details Or Click Here to Apply Directly.


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