US Permanent Residence Application Tips

Get tips on how to successful obtain the United States US Permanent Residence also known as a Green Card for those interested in moving to the United States of America on a permanent basis.

American Visa Lottery Eligibility Requirements

The Covid19 pandemic has really affected the pace of the process of application.

There are so many ways to obtain a united states permanent residence but the two most common ways are:

  • Family Sponsorship, and
  • Employment-Based Green Cards

Other ways of securing permanent residence in US include:

  • Diversity Visa Program
  • Refugee or Asylum Status

1. Family-Based Permanent Residence

With the Family based permanent residence, families offer sponsorship to family members, and these family members are either immediate or first preference relatives to a US Citizen. Uniting with your family is important as it is the perfect opportunity for a US citizen to petition for their spouse, children, parents, grandparents, and sometimes siblings.

2. Employment-Based Permanent Residence

This method of getting Permanent Residence in US is simply the best option for person that wants to settle in the United States based on their work experience and skills. Under this method, there are 5 categories which are also referred to as EB visas.

3. Diversity Visa Program

Every year, about 50,000 immigrants are invited through the Diversity Visa program. This immigrant would then have the opportunity to begin a new life in the US, and so If you are lucky, you may be chosen to apply for a Permanent Residence through the Diversity Lottery.

4.) Refugee or Asylum Status

This is yet another key pathway to gaining entrance into US. This pathway is limited to those persons who are experiencing life-threatening circumstances in their home country. Meanwhile, when they’re granted asylum they are allowed to apply for a green card after a year of residence in the US.

US Permanent Resistance Eligibility:

There is no way you will be qualified for a permanent residence if you’re not eligible for the card. So, to qualify for a PR you must be eligible under one of the categories that allow immigrants to become Permanent Residents.

After you must have searched and found the best category that fits your situation, then proceed to get information on eligibility requirements and how to apply through that category. You will find below the eligible categories as you read further.

Application Process:

Interested applicants before applying should provide the following document required depend on the category of permanent residence you are applying for. Let’s take for instance, if you want to apply through family means, you will need your family to present evidence of support, and If you choose to apply via Employment, then you will need your employment evidence. Feel free to contact an immigration consultant to give you assistance on organizing your required documents.

Applicants should visit Here to begin the online application Process.

Note: The permanent residence processing time actually takes more time compared to other visas. Based on USCIS, an application for permanent residence (Form I-485) will take around 6 to 33 months to process. That’s quite a lengthy time.

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