Canada Family Visa: How To Apply

Taking a vacation trip to Canada is good but traveling with your family with the Canada family Visa is an Unforgettable Experiences.

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If family members like your partner, parents or children in Canada have obtained Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status, they could sponsor you for a temporary or permanent visa through the Family Class of Canada. This is the case when your partner, parents or (grand)children are Canadian. The sponsor must be at least 18 years old and be able to financially support you for three to ten years.

Inviting family members, relatives or friends to visit Canada

If your family or friends want to visit you in Canada for either your convocation or just a vacation, they will need to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). This application can be completed at the Canadian Embassy, Consulate, Visa Office or High commission office closest to where they live (if they are from a country which requires a TRV to enter Canada). For more information, click here. Countries whose citizens require a TRV to enter Canada can be found on Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website at:
Students must complete 6 months of studies in Canada to invite family or friends.
Applications are typically denied by Canadian officials when students are unable to prove that they have been registered for 6 months of studies.

You may send the following documents to the family/friends you wish to invite HERE.

Family class sponsorship application:

  • Family class sponsorship application forms
  • Family class sponsorship application guides

Note: If a parent is sponsoring two or more dependent children, they must submit two separate sponsorship applications – they cannot list more than one child on the same sponsorship application form. Each child is considered to be a principal applicant and must complete an IMM 0008 Generic Application form for Canada. For more information, see the checklist to sponsor a dependent child.

Note: If a person is sponsoring their parents and their grandparents, a sponsorship application must be completed for the sponsor’s parents and another for the sponsor’s grandparents. If a person is sponsoring parents or grandparents who are divorced, a separate application must be submitted for each parent or grandparent.

Roles and responsibilities of sponsors

Sponsors are expected to read instructions and information provided in the application guide (see Family Class Application) specific to the principal applicant’s category of permanent residence, to ensure they submit a complete and fully documented application, including applicable fees. The sponsorship fee and processing fees for the principal applicant and any accompanying dependants must be included with the application fee. Principal applicants and dependants have the option of paying the Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) upfront – if they do not, they will be required to pay it later as a condition of being granted permanent residence. Dependent children – whether they are the principal applicant or an accompanying dependant – are not required to pay the RPRF.

Application Process:

Interested applicants for the Canada Family Visa should Visit the Official Website for Further Details

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