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Evolvinggen career Recruitment, Sabotage & Fraudulent Practices. On 25th July 2022, we outsourced our Nigeria On recruitment process to a local-based HR firm, Heritage Human Resources Consulting, because EvolvingGen Foundation understands the power of using native firms to hire native talents.


After overseeing the HR firm’s recruitment method, we deduced they were professionals and granted them access to our social media handles, web backend and dedicated emails for the recruitment period. Regrettably, our liaison officer with the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Environment recently reached out about an unsanctioned activity which involves instructing candidates to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate for Screening.

After a thorough inquisition, we dissolved the HR firm’s activities and began recovering access to our platforms which led to sabotage of our web, email and social media.

EvolvingOen Management takes full responsibility for the unintended negligence of our third-party recruitment firm.  We deeply apologise for the unethical social media restriction/ban many users may have faced.

This unfortunate occurrence would not halt our mission to Nigeria, however, all recruitment activities are shut down effective immediately. Candidates who have completed the final screening process would be automatically granted a job
slot. Also, a formal complaint has been filed with the appropriate authorities. In addition to EvolvingGen’s Virginia license, our legal team
is in the process of non-profit registration in Nigeria to restore confidence in our “Green Africa Campaign”. To verify our corporate legality, visit the Virginia State Corporation Commission website via https://cis.scc.virginia.gov, navigate to “Entity ID” and input our ID number 11339484. We remain committed to our tagline – No Nature, No Future!


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When will recruitment resume?

Our recruitment would NOT resume. Henceforth all hiring for our Nigeria offices would be done internally.

Do you have a plan to fix your damaged online reputation?

It’s sad to see our reputation soiled throughout social media. Public Relations experts have been engaged to advise on the best course of action. Also, you can do us a favour by tagging users who may have a negative reception of our brand.

Your website seems broken?

To completely revoke access by the third-party HR firm, the IT team had to restore backups which led to broken web pages. We’re working to restore it.

What of those who paid for the PCC?

Their money would be refunded and they’ll be granted employment.

What next for EvolvingGen Foundation?

As a young non-profit we’ve indeed learnt from this negative experience. Also, we’ve finally acquired our Lagos and Abuja offices.

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Evolvinggen career Recruitment


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