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External Audit Service

The West Africa Telecommunications Regulators Assembly (WATRA) seeks a highly reputable firm that will provide professional external audit service for three (3) years. The selected firm will be responsible for the auditing of WATRA accounts. WATRA therefore invites all firms capable of providing this service to submit their technical and financial proposal in accordance with this Request for Proposal (RFP).


Technical specifications and terms and conditions and any additional information to support a submission are described in this document.


The WATRA was established in November 2002. Its current membership is sixteen (16) countries with headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. WATRA consists of independent National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) of member states in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and Mauritania.


In recognition of the critical role of telecommunications in the socio-economic development and growth of nations worldwide, WATRA’s primary objectives include the following: facilitate the harmonization of modern legal and regulatory frameworks toward an integrated telecoms market in West Africa; provide an avenue to share experiences and information, proffer solutions to common problems and chart a way forward for the development and advancement of telecommunications in West Africa.
The Audit firm is expected to carry out the audit of WATRA Accounts in line with International Standards as stipulated by IFAC (International Federation of Accountants). The Auditor would also give an opinion on the financial statement as well as the funds received, and the expenditures made by the WATRA Executive Secretariat.
The auditing firm is expected to ensure that:
1.The Internal Control System is adequate in order to ensure the reliability of accounting and financial data, the registration of assets and the exhaustiveness of account records.
2.All external resources are used according to the provisions of funding agreement, taking into account the economy and efficiency, solely towards the goals for which it has been assigned to accomplish.
3.That assets and services funded are subjected to processes executed according to the provisions of the manual of procedures and that all files, necessary accounts and book-keepings were done according to the various operations in WATRA.
4.That WATRA accounts were prepared based on systematic application of International Accounting Standards.
5.That after the audit work of every financial year, the following reports should be prepared:
  1. Audit report on WATRA Accounts
  2. Special report in respect of procedures, selection of beneficiaries and consultants as well as the disbursements procedures.
  3. Special report on the accuracy and eligibility of expenditures for which withdrawal was made according to the expenditures log as well as the degree of reliability of expenditures based on the structure of funds disbursements from WATRA Account.
(Note: The Financial Statements, with the report of the Auditor included, must reach WATRA Conference of Regulators within three (3) months after closing the financial year, at the AGM of the new financial year.)
6. : Include the auditor’s comments and remarks on administrative and financial procedures and the Internal Control System
•Identify the issues of improvement of Systems and Controls and formulate relevant recommendation towards improvement
•List issues that attracted the attention of the auditor during the audit and that may have a tremendous impact on the implementation of the Institution’s activities
•Draw the attention of WATRA on any other relevant issues



The proposal shall be drawn up in English and French and must be structured in two different and separated documents in separated envelopes:
  • The Technical Proposal (Technical Envelope)
  • The Financial Proposal (Financial Envelope)
Qualifications and Experience
  • Outline how the auditing firm meets the required qualifications and experience
  • Identify team members to be involved with the project and their role/experience.

Application Deadline:  31 August, 2022


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External Audit Service Application Process

Interested applicants should visit the NCC portal below to apply.

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