Npower Batch C Deployment: Things You Need To Know About PPA and lots More

 Npower Batch C Deployment – N-Power is a scheme set up by the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari since 8 June 2016, to address the issues of youth unemployment and help increase social development.

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About Npower Batch C Deployment:

Npower deployment is a process during which final selected beneficiaries are dispersed to their respective areas of assignments, in accordance with their selected fields.

Npower Batch C Deployment. The deployment is usually made after what is called ‘enrollment’ At the venue, you will be requested to produce your nasim ID, the verification Officers verify and identify your name on the list under the local government you applied.

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Your posting letter is then developed instantly it will then be issued to you, and you are to report with the letter within a space of three days to your posted PPA. Upon acceptance, you MUST ensure the letter is duly STAMPED and SIGNED by the head of your PPA. You are to resume work with immediate effect.

About Npower Posting

1 You should be expecting to be posted to a school within your registered local government and nearest to your residing area. That was why you were asked to choose a nearest bus-stop during registration.

2 You must be posted under the Npower category you applied:

  • N-teach to Schools.
  • N-health to healthcare centers
  • N-tax to ministries and other government financial related establishment.
  • N-Agro to farms, poultries and other related places.

3 An identity card will subsequently be provided for you.

4 And lastly, FG government is expected to credit you with #30,000 monthly as stipend.

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What Npower Expects From You (Your Own Duty)

  1. You must attend your PPA as often as required.
  2. Npower expects you to peruse the guides on how to carry out your primary assignment, each category has its own.
  3. Npower expects you to within the period, develop a reasonable number of skills, ideas that will enable you fit into the society to be an employable citizen.
  4. Npower expects you to utilize your earnings appropriately and make some possible savings/business setup/ establishment. Npower scheme usually advertise and reward beneficiaries who were able to achieve this.
  5. Npower expects you to upload your stamped posting deployment letter, to your nasim profile, the feature may subsequently be made available.
  6. Npower expects you to undergo a monthly clearance as an evidence to your activeness at your PPA.


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