NYS/NYDA Community Service Opportunities (How To Apply)

Open Call for Applications – South African NYS/NYDA Community Service Opportunities with the aim to create credible, capable and activist development agency that is responsive to the plight of South Africa’s youth.

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The National Youth Development Agency has shifted its primary core business away from Enterprise Finance towards Education and Skills Development. The fundamental change in this area of development is the change from loan provision to grant provision for young entrepreneurs.

The NYDA no longer offers loan finance to young entrepreneurs; the agency provides financial support in the form of micro-finance grants to young entrepreneurs and youth cooperatives.
The objective of the NYDA Grant Funding is to provide young entrepreneurs with an opportunity to access both the financial and non-financial business development support to establish their survivalist businesses.
The programme focuses on youth entrepreneurs who are just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential but are not yet fully developed. The Grant Funding starts from R1 000 to a maximum of R200 000 for any individual or youth cooperative. For agriculture and technology-related projects, the maximum threshold is R250 000.
The NYDA continues with efforts directed at economic participation offering a range of products, programmes and services to young entrepreneurs in need, albeit as a secondary focus.

Through the National Youth Service (NYS) programme, young people will be engaged in Community Service activities in the first year of implementation. This will be progressively scaled up over a 5-year period. The primary aim of the NYS programme is to mobilise young people to become active citizens of the country’s democracy, while earning an income and increasing their employability. The purpose of the Community Service activities as envisaged for the NYS programme is also to enhance service delivery efforts and improve the lives of marginalized communities.

Community Service Opportunities Near Me:

As part of the Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme the National Youth Service (NYS) and National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) invites South African youth to APPLY FOR VARIOUS COMMUNITY SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES THAT WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE ACROSS SOUTH AFRICA.

Community Service Opportunity Programme:

Applicants should note that All opportunity Programme  run for 6 months


  • Between ages of 18 – 34 years old
  • Be available to serve your community for 16 hours a week
  • Ready to work hard to serve your community


  • Clear copy of ID document
  • Clear copy of Matric certificate
  • Your CV (which should include your email and residential address)

Application Process:

Interested applicants should visit the NYS/NYDA Community Service Opportunities portal to apply.

Make sure you are registered on sayouth.mobi – https://sayouth.mobi/Home/Index/EN (no data needed so totally free) then visit the SAYouth ,  National Youth Development Agency

For more information visit the http://www.nyda.gov.za/

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